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How do I get an Alcohol Permit?
My venue is requiring me to get a alcohol permit for my wedding. What should I do? Find the answer here.

Limited Special Occasions Permit: Permits are only temporary "allowing you to consume, but not sell alcohol" permits issued by the state. Permits are a source of revenue for the state; essentially having no effect on the law; permit-law notwithstanding. Think of it of like a building permit; if you were to build a deck at your home. Technically this means everyone having a gathering (even at your house) would need a permit. Many times it will depend on the event facility's requirements. However, for some larger venues it is good practice to require these of the host/client. 

Liquor License: This is something that a bar or restaurant would possess. They are not issued to companies without a brick an mortar establishment attached (like a bar or restaurant). Rarely, catering companies, who are also a restaurant or bar may be able to extend their (off-premesis license) for your occasion. This would generally only be useful if you intend to sell alcohol. However, they would still need to have a permit for the event and make the necessary applications.

In cases like weddings, you'll need to purchase ($50) a Limited Special Occasions Permit. The host (likely the person renting the venue for an occasion) is the only person(s) permitted to acquire this permit and fits best for occasions at Rural Hill. It's a permit almost exclusively for weddings. 

This permits the host to provide the alcohol to it's guests for free, in a typical wedding scenario. It requires the host of the occasion to acquire this permit. Unfortunately the event facility, bartender service, and/or catering is unable to for you. The good news is.. it's a simple application and easy process.

In an effort to save you time researching, I've provided the simple application below to help get you started. If you need further assistance please feel free to reach out to the ABC directly; they are very helpful.

Click here---> Link to Permit application

If you need further assistance with you application or have further questions.

ABC Commission
Address: 400 E Tryon Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610
Phone: (919) 779-0700 ext. 253

Hope this helps!

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